We love food! We love growing it and we love cooking it (almost as much as we love eating it!!). In our aim to be self sufficient we have an abundance of fruit and vegetables we would like to share with you.
In creating meals for you we will use as much as possible from our smallholding, freshly picked that day and any extra ingredients we need to use will be organic (where possible).
Everything at Holyford is grown organically, but we are not certified as we are on too small a scale.
When we have the time we love to go fishing and foraging so if we strike gold such treasures could also make an appearance on your plate.

Homegrown vegetable box
We provide a weekly fruit and vegetable box for local residents. Just let us know if you would like to be included in our round

An amount is provided, but after that we need to charge for wood to take into account our time spent felling, carrying, splitting and storing the wood.